Our wikia has initiated the Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Light Novel Translation Project, hosted under Baka-Tsuki Translation Community Wiki.

The head supervisor for this project will be me, Ethrundr, while the head translator will be MyProjectAlicization.

In order to join our project please do steps as following, just to make sure your name will be listed in:

  1. Register yourself both at the Baka-Tsuki Wiki and Baka-Tsuki Forums.
    We won't force you on what username you register on, but it'll be better if both wiki and forum name are the same.
  2. Post your joining application, along with the link to your userpage on both forum and wiki (preferable wiki one, since I need to post it on the wiki page.).
    You can post your application on one of the following:
    Please submit your mail with title "Joining the Translation Project"
  3. I'll try to respond with all of your mail immediately and after reviewing your intention and actual contribution, I'll post your name up on the wiki page.
    Please note, that I, as the Supervisor, has the right to exclude or even kicked you from the project if after registering I cannot see your contribution towards the project without any specific reason.

For the current members for our project up to this moment there are:

Role Username Responsibilities Status
Administrator Onizuka-gto - -
Supervisor Pygmalion Project Managements Active
Head Translator MyProjectAlicization LN Volume 1 Translation Active
Translator I Par74583 (Cramped) LN Volume 1 Prologue Translation Retired
Translator II MochaCookies LN Volume 2 Translation Active
Head Editors Pygmalion Editor-on-Forum, Proofreader Active
Editor I Rage (TUSF) Live Editor, Proofreader Active
Editor II Insanemaster Proofreader Inactive
Editor III Nura rihan Editor-on-Forum Active
Editor IV Rohan123 Editor-on-Forum, Proofreader Active
Editor V KDTV Onsite Editor Inactive
Editor VI Dim1 Onsite Editor Inactive


  • I'll listed all users in their Baka-Tsuki Wiki username. If their Forum username is different, their Forum name will be wrapped with "(...)".
  • For user that only have forum account, I'll link their name to the forum profile instead.
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