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God created the world on Monday, from a place of nothing into something.
God separated order and chaos on Tuesday, defining freedom and oppression.
God sorted each and every number on Wednesday, giving rise to wonderful and varied things.
God allowed time to flow on Thursday.
God looked at every corner of the world on Friday.
God rested on Saturday.

And God abandoned the world on Sunday.

Since that day fifteen years ago, no more men can bear children nor able to die.

Ai is a 12-year old girl who inherited her departed mother's job of “Grave Keeper,” whose work is to grant peace to the dead who cannot die. She lived a quiet life with her kind adoptive parents and the other villagers, but one day, a young boy calling himself “Hampnie Hambert”, a man-eating toy, appeared in the village with a gun in his hands, forcing Ai to witness how cruel reality can be…


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The head supervisor for this project will be me, Ethrundr, while the head translator will be MyProjectAlicization. In order to join our project please refer further to this page

For new translation discussing purpose, I've opened a thread on this wikia, under this forum board.

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Hampnie Hambert

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Hampnie Hambert (人喰い玩具 Hanpunī Hanbāto?), also known as Kizuna Astin (ハンプニー・ハンバート?), is a man who suddenly appeared in Ai's village in search for someone. He calls himself the "Man-eating Toy", and describes himself as a cruel person. He also claims to be immortal and unable to age.

Hampnie's goal in traveling is to find a woman named Hana. He became immortal 15 years prior the current story-line when God abandoned the world. In the case of death, his body will return to its prime state. He finally able to face the true death after being killed by Hiko and buried down by Ai.

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