Go to and type #kaminichiwikia in the "Channel" box to join us in IRC.

Alternatively if you have a IRC client just join us at #kaminichiwikia on Currently, the channel is under development.

IRC (Internet-Relay-Chat) is a text-based chat medium. In short, it is the predecessor to the instant messaging clients like MSN/AIM that most people use today. Although somewhat antiquated, it is still in use and is a great alternative to proprietary and closed-off chat media. Love Live! WIkia has a registered channel on the Rizon IRC network; for IRC-savvy users, simply join #kaminichiwikia on

If you are unfamiliar with IRC, or are behind a firewall preventing you using it, visit, choose a name, type "#kaminichiwikia " in channel box, and click Connect to join Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Wikia's channel.

We recommend you register a nickname when you visit the IRC Channel, this will protect your nickname from use by another user.

In the following list of commands <Password> is a password for use in IRC (Don't use your Wikia password, your IRC password is visible in plain text at some points in time, at least when you type it), <Nick> is a nickname on IRC, <Username> is your username here, <url> is a url.
To Change your Nickname
/nick <Nick>
To Register your current Nick, type
/msg NickServ REGISTER <Password>
To Identify to NickServ (You do this when you login)
/msg NickServ IDENTIFY <Password>
To Access a list of NickServ commands and their info
/msg NickServ HELP
To set a URL for your nick
/msg NickServ SET URL <url>
We suggest you use /msg NickServ SET URL //<Username> so that people can be directed to your userpage.
Also remember to make sure the URL is publicly viewable /msg NickServ SET HIDE URL OFF
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