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|Image = File:Celica_hecmatika_53531.jpg
|Image = File:Celica_hecmatika_53531.jpg
|Imagewidth = 280
|Imagewidth = 280
|Age = Unknown (older then Ulla)
|Age = 15 (is ulla's older twin sister)
|Occupation =
|Occupation =
|Race = Human
|Race = Human

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Celica Hecmatika
Celica hecmatika 53531
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Personal Information
Age 15 (is ulla's older twin sister)
Gender Female
Race Human
Family Ulla Euleus Hecmatika (Twin Sister)
First Appearance
Manga Debut {{{Manga}}}
Novel Debut {{{Novel}}}
Anime Debut Episode 6
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Actor Emily Neves
English Voice Actor Sayuri Hara
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Celica is the older twin sister of Ulla Euleus Hecmatika and the adopted daughter of Scar. Her time had been frozen and she is still a baby, currently the adopted daughter of Scar. She was the one who was calling for her, and Scar unexpectedly became sick for some time.  

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