Kanji アルファ
Romaji Arufa
Aliases Hana
Personal Information
Age 30-40
Gender Female
Occupation Grave Keeper
Race Grave Keeper (Deceased)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume 2, Chapter 8 (Cameo)
Volume 2, Chapter 14 (Debut)
Anime Debut Episode 2 (Cameo)
Episode 3 (Debut)
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Actor Rina Satō
English Voice Actor Allison Sumrall
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Alfa (アルファ Arufa?) is a woman with very strong emotions and she is a glutton. Alfa is Ai's mother and Hampnie Hambert's girlfriend.


Not much is known about how she became a Grave Keeper.

She fell in love with Hampnie sometime in the past and stayed together with him for half a year. But she disappeared after most likely when she was pregnant with Ai. It is unknown why she left him.


She is bright and honest, but also stubborn. It is remarked by Hampnie Hambert that she eats a lot, is childish and bad at cooking. However, she is good at cleaning and laughs a lot. According to Ai, Alfa loved sweets and hates the smell of cigarettes.


Alfa is a tall and beautiful woman with light-brown hair and distinctive green eyes, and a well defined face. She has a similar appearance to her daughter. 



 Kizuna Astin Edit

Kizuna, also known as Hampnie Hambart is Hana's boyfriend. Hana left him half year when she was pregnant, leaving behind her daughter, Ai Astin. It is unknown why she left him, but according to Ai she loved him very much.

Character Art Designs.Edit


  • Her appearance matches with the description of a woman that Hampnie Hambert was looking for, Hana, implying they might be the same person. It is revealed later that they are the same person. (Episode 3)
  • Her drama CD voice actress originally is Yūko Gotō. In the anime cast, Rina Satou replaced her since she is undergoing medical treatment.


  1. It is never clearly stated whether they actually married or not.

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