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• 7/22/2013

Promotion Image Suggestion

For those who have suggestion for the images, please submit them here. More details is on the Jobs Board page.
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• 7/21/2013


I planned to have some of our badges have modified pictures, and if possible also add some new category badges. For that purpose, I've asked MyProjectAlicization to do the job, and he's agreed.
Now, to make his job easier, I'd like to gather your idea about:

What pictures should be used?
What category badges will we add?
Please note that we need a "packet" of 5-7 pictures for each category, either original or new category badges.

For my idea, here's it:

Character's close-up for edit badges.
Kamisama no Inai's logo for Lucky Edit badges.
Category badges: Special badges for "Human" and "Undead" Category. Applied both on those who still alive or already deceased.
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